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Upcoming Shows

Apr 22 8pm
Docs Riverside Taphouse
May 13 8pm
Big Lake Bar and Grill
May 20 8pm
Peace of Mind Brewing

June 3 7pm
Private Party
June 10 7pm
Private Party
June 17 8pm
Doc's Riverside Taphouse
June 24 7pm
Peace of Mind Brewery
June 27 1pm
Bellevue Farmers Market @ Crossroads
July 1  8pm
Docs Riverside Taphouse
July 6-29
On vacation  
Aug 5 7:30 pm
Snohomish Eagles - Membership
Aug 19 6:00pm
Skykomish Music in the Park
Aug 25 6:00pm
Snotown Brewery
Aug 26 9:00pm
Pono Ranch
Sept 2 3:00-6:00pm
Figurehead Brewery
Sep 16 
Private party
Sep 22 8PM
Doc's Riverside Taphouse
Sep 30 8PM
Big Lake Bar and Grill
Oct 3 2:30-6PM
Bellevue Farmers Market at Crossroads
Oct 20 7:30PM
Lynnwood Eagles
Oct 28 9:00PM
Pono Ranch, Ballard
Oct 31 4:30 - 7:30 PM
Crossroads Main Stage- Halloween!
Nov 3 7PM
Crossroads Mall Main Stage
Dec 2 8PM
Doc's Riverside Taphouse
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